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Who is Jigar ?

I guess you know how difficult task it is to portray oneself in words. You can never show " What you My Photo

really are ", to others. Writing introductions is not enough to present yourself in true colors of your own. It will just give you the vision of one's outer self, not the inner one! I feel that you can't guess one's personality by just reading their introductions. Until and unless you stay with them, communicate with them, being part of their laughter and despairs. And believe me one can't possibly explain him/herself completely. It's the people who can tell you more clearly about you. Even I don't know what you all (those who know me) think about me, so please tell me, Its okay even if you don't want to reveal your identity. It will be very nice if you do. You can contact me using Facebook or Contact me page for that. Anyways here's something about me....I am Jigar Shah from Mumbai...A thin guy with spectacles. I am born and brought up in Mumbai - a city of glamour. I did my graduation in Engineering with Information Technology from Nasik. Currently working at Tata Consultancy Services as IT Analyst. I love Music , Photography , Travelling, Watching movies , friends, surfing net, and whatever comes in my life...